06 May 2015
tanpoera miraj

male tanpura from Miraj

The tanpuras are competely checked and ready-to-play. Oral instruction to play and maintain your tanpura is included. The tanpuras are of exceptional good quality. This typoe nof insutrments is also used in concerts by Dhrupad-singers.

Extra chords can always be sent to the owner of a tanpura.

Reparation and mainenace of tanpuras can be done bij Toss Levy


beautifully carved tuning pins


kalebas met versiering

gourd with ornamentation


voorzijde met versiering en jawari (draadjes voor de boventonen)

frontside with ornamentation and jawari ( threads for tuning overtones)

male tanpura from Miraj € 950 (fundamental C#)
height ± 140 cm
female tanpura from Miraj € 925 (fundamental G#)
height ± 120 cm
Cover for transportation € 100
For more information and ordering of tanpuras use the contactform


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