06 May 2015

male tanpura from Miraj The tanpuras are competely checked and ready-to-play. Oral instruction to play and maintain your tanpura is included. The tanpuras are of exceptional good quality. This typoe ... Read more

Sansula, a tuned kalimba

06 May 2015

 The sansula is an european version of the african kalimba or mbira. The original instrument is attached to a membrane, that amplifies very nicely the dry sound of the kalimba ... Read more

Singing bowls

06 May 2015

Singing Bowls minimum € 75. Mallets minimum price € 2,50 Singing bowls can be orderd through the ... Read more


09 April 2015

Een shrutibox is een vereenvoudigde versie van een tanpoera. Je kunt er ook een bourdon op spelen in elke gewenste toonsoort. Er zitten 12 tonen op die je op ... Read more