Breath Therapy

Breath therapy is intended for those suffering from shortness of breath, hyperventilation or an abnormally fast or slow breathing rhythm. However, breath therapy can also be helpful if you’re stressed, burned out, or simply don’t feel as good as you should.
Breath therapy helps you breath more fully, deeply and constantly. As you lie on the table fully dressed, the therapist applies light manual pressure in order to activate or calm your breathing pattern. This helps broaden the scope of your breathing, allowing you to relax more easily while your lungs absorb more oxygen and the muscles and organs receive more oxygen-rich blood. Your body will recuperate more quickly as a result, with immediate benefits to your well-being.

Voice therapy is for those with voice problems or difficulty expressing themselves. Examples of voice problems include laryngitis, hoarseness, tension in the throat region, a tense or sharp voice, unclear speech or a weak voice. You may have difficulty speaking in public or holding a conversation. You may have a hard time being heard, or have the feeling no one listens to you no matter how hard you try to speak clearly. Many voice-related problems can be solved through breathing and voice exercises. As you learn to breath more deeply, your voice will automatically become fuller. We will then use tonal and articulation exercises to develop your voice further.

Our approach
If you are considering voice or breath therapy, feel free to call us for an introductory appointment. This appointment consists of a brief intake and a treatment session. You can then decide whether or not you wish to continue the treatment.
Treatment sessions last up to one hour.

Appointments with Borg Diem Groeneveld can be made by phone
phone: +31(0)72 – 5095520 or
Spoorstraat 62, Alkmaar
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